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"Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try."
-Michael Jordan
Hi! My name is Loc Nguyen

I was born in Vietnam and raised in Colorado since the early 90s. Been here since then (so you can say I’m somewhat native) living out my dream of helping other ambitious individuals use their money to achieve their goals.

Some fun facts about me: eat wings at least twice a week, love the mountains, and am currently obsessed with real estate in hopes of being able to retire early.

I started my accounting career right after college working for a few big corporations. Slowly, I worked my way up in the corporate world and became a finance department Director. I built a strong accounting team and implemented processes that helped managers and owners make smarter decisions. It was very rewarding.


The road leading here has been long and winding. It was lined with peaks and valleys, ideas that did and didn’t pan out, moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, moments when I popped wine bottles in celebration, and plot twists that changed the course of my business and who it served. All of it has allowed me to finally understand and know what lights my soul.


After having my little boy, I knew I needed to restructure my career in order to have the flexibility for my family. I started my own financial coaching and bookkeeping practice because it enabled me to be there for my family and still be able to do what I love: accounting and coaching entrepreneurs in control of their money, run a profitable business, and have the financial freedom to do whatever they want in life.

I’m determined to help you and other entrepreneurs master your money, freeing up time for family and friends, and giving you peace of mind about that $5 matcha latte.


Are you ready to try a new approach to your finances?

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