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loc nguyen

Financial Coaching
Helping Therapists
Mental Health Practitioners
in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

–Lawrence J. Peter

Loc Nguyen Bookkeeper Accountant Coach

Therapists and Wellness Entrepreneurs 

You've started a career in wellness to serve others. You are passionate, ready to offer the world your gifts and to help people. Numbers and finances may not be your strong suit and it gets overwhelming quickly. You might be stressed, scared, or feeling incompetent. 


You may have tried planning your finances and doing your bookkeeping on your own, thinking it would save you money, but now you're lost in messy and incomplete bookkeeping. Or you may just be wondering whether assistance with your finances is worth the money.

Take a deep breath, we’ll do this together.

My work with therapists and mental health practitioners has given them financial clarity and free up their time to focus on helping their clients while gaining empowerment through financial literacy.  You too can experience the relief that comes with having your financial plan in place, your books are taken care of and done right, while gaining a deeper understanding and control over your finances.


Sophia O'Connor

Sophia L O’Connor,

"Loc is wonderful. He helped me and my two business partners create a whole budgeting plan to expand our therapy business. He is patient, very savvy, and kind. I highly recommend working with Loc due to the incredible combination of personality and expertise."


K. Michelle Johnson,

"Loc is professional, kind, and knowledgeable. As an owner of my own private practice therapy business and a group therapy practice, there are many moving parts that can sometimes be overwhelming. Loc has helped my team and I buckle down and set exciting but also realistic systems, plans, and goals for growth. Additionally he has helped me to bridge the gap between my personal and business finances. I have felt more confident, empowered, and inspired as a therapist and entrepreneur since working with him. I highly recommend him for bookkeeping, accounting, and financial coaching."


Sang Pham,

"Loc has done an awesome job taking care of my chiropractic and personal taxes and giving me excellent tax advice – especially when I knew nothing about taxes! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to save time, money, or needs quality tax advice!"

Lyndsey Lyons LLC.jpg

Lyndsey Lyons,

"Loc has been instrumental in helping me build a foundation for my business. He’s not only great with the books, but also personable and teaches skills that I will carry with me. If you need anything from bookkeeping to financial re-parenting, look no further!"

Ready to be in control?

Loc Nguyen Bookkeeper Accountant Coach

Many clients I work with feel overwhelmed and frustrated with their finances and bookkeeping. Maybe you’ve tried to tackle this aspect of your business thinking doing it yourself should be easy and save you money. The reality is, it is costing you more time, money, and stress.

You may now feeling lost. It was not as easy as you thought and you’re confused about how to best budget, structure, organize and allocate your profits. You might wonder how your expenses added up to be so high. Maybe you’ve gotten behind and are feeling buried in all the work needed to catch up on organization and reconciliation. You might know that you’re making profits but panic when you realize you have no idea where they all went!

Some business owners buy fancy accounting software hoping it will solve their issues. However, these programs aren’t intuitive to everyone and can make some people feel even more lost than when they began. Additionally, for many it is not about technology it is about time. Your time is your money. Having no plans and getting behind or disorganized in your books isn’t worth it; it takes time away from running other important aspects of your business that could be focused on growth.

My financial coaching and bookkeeping services create a solid foundation for you to grow. If you are overwhelmed with your current finances and books, I can help you get it all under control. I will help you move forward on your financial goals with confidence, assured that everything is getting done, and getting done right.

Loc Nguyen Bookkeeper Accountant Coach
Loc Nguyen Bookkeeper Accountant Coach

Your business isn’t one-dimensional. The financial help you receive shouldn’t be either. As your personal financial coach, I aim to get a holistic view of your finances, integrating financial coaching and bookkeeping into one fluid package. This overarching view allows me to help you earn and save more, all while taking the hassle of back office work off your plate.

With my help, you will feel empowered knowing that you will have a clear picture of your finances and your books are well taken care of. You will also gain a deeper understanding of your financials and have the confidence to make smarter decisions to achieve the growth you desire.

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